PT – OT Wound Care Certification Course


Our advanced Wound Care Certification Course provides Physical Therapists with the fundamental knowledge you need to prepare for national board certification in wound care management.

The course curriculum is designed by certified, highly experienced wound care specialists, offering access to the most current, accurate information, technologies, and best practices.

PT Course Description

PT Course Cost: $897
CE credits awarded: 57 hours (PT only)
Hours to complete: 57 hours*
Course access: 6 months

Eligibility Requirements

Anyone can enroll in the wound certification course. However, only students meeting the certifying body’s criteria are eligible to take the wound certification examination and receive certification credentials.

The wound care certification examination and credentials are provided by a national inter-disciplinary certifying board for healthcare professionals involved in wound care. PTs and OTs with either a Bachelors, Doctoral or Master’s degree in a life sciences-related field and who have three or more years of clinical wound care experience are eligible to take the national wound certification examination. The test fee for the wound certification examination is $575 (this fee is not included in the price of the course).

Online Training Component

  • 17 interactive modules pertain to all areas of wound management
  • Quizzes and tests gauge your knowledge and identify areas in need of improvement
  • Digital images, animated activities, and video clips demonstrate important learning concepts
  • Charts and study guides can be easily downloaded for future reference
  • Current journal articles can be downloaded and printed
  • Key terms are presented with each module to reinforce important concepts

Certification Training Kit

  • Current wound management textbook reinforces online training
  • Interactive CD containing case studies that allow you to apply your wound care knowledge through the diagnosis and treatment of patients
  • Study guide includes an outline of each module and a note-taking area to use while completing online coursework
  • Sample products help you master all categories of wound dressing techniques
  • WoundSource product guide that includes clinically-reviewed product information for over 1600 wound care products manufactured by over 200 companies

Study Aids for PT Certification

  • Online flashcards reinforce key definitions
  • Detailed course outline to help you prepare for the examination
  • Practice tests and quizzes are included with each module to strengthen learning
  • Ability to track progress and return to any course area to reinforce specific topics
  • Test-taking strategies and practice certification exam

Course Video Hightlights

PT – OT Technical FAQs

What are the system requirements to view the Wound Management Training Course?
Flash Player 6.0.79 or later (http://www.adobe.com/go/getflash) (Flash Player 7 or later recommended), and one of the following browsers:

  • Windows: Internet Explorer 6 and later, Firefox 1.x and later, Safari 3 and later, Google Chrome, Opera 9.5 and later.
  • Macintosh: Firefox 1.x and later, Safari 3 and later.
  • Linux: Firefox 1.x and later.

PT – OT Financial FAQs

Do you offer financial aid?
No. At this time we do not offer financial aid for our courses. However, many employers support continuing education and may be willing to assist with course fees. If you would like information to provide to your employer please contact us.

Do you accept partial payment?
No. Once you register for our course you will be granted login information for the entire course. You will also receive our Wound Management training kit which includes all course material. For this reason we are unable to accept partial payment.

Do you offer group discounts?
Discounts are provided for group registrations. Please contact sales to discuss your needs:sales@woundeducators.com.

PT – OT Course FAQs

What is the requirement to enroll in the PT – OT Wound Certification Course?
Anyone may enroll in this course; however, only students meeting wound certification criteria are eligible to take the certification examinations.

How long will I have login access to the online modules?
Course access is granted for 6 months.

If I fail the certification examination will there be a fee to retake the course?
NO! The WoundEducators.com “Until You Pass!” Risk-Free Guarantee ensures that your training investment lasts. All product and course purchases are covered by our commitment to you and your success. Simply provide us with proof that you took the wound certification examination and did not pass and have re-registered for the exam and we will continue your online course access.

How long does it generally take to complete the course?
The PT –  OT Wound Certification Course will take approximately 57 hours to complete.  However, each student progresses at his/her own pace, so individual completion times may vary.

What is the cost of the course?
The fee for the PT – OT Wound Certification Course is $897. This includes the online course, post-course test, continuing education certificate and home study kit. The fee does not include the certification examination.

Do you offer customized competency training for organizations?
Yes. Customized online training is available to meet the needs of your organization. Please contact sales to discuss your needs: sales@woundeducators.com

PT – OT Continuing Education FAQs

How much continuing education credit is provided with the PT Wound Certification Course?
The Illinois Physical Therapy Association (IPTA) designates this educational activity for 57 CE hours.

At this time the PT – OT Wound Certification Course is not approved for OT continuing education hours.

PT – OT Certification FAQs

Who administers the wound certification examination?
The CWS wound care certification examination is administered by the American Board of Wound Management – ABWM (Formerly American Academy of Wound Management -AAWM). The ABWM is a national inter-disciplinary certifying board for healthcare professionals involved in wound care.

What are the eligibility requirements to take the wound certification examination?
Any licensed healthcare professional with a Bachelor’s, Doctoral or Master’s degree in a life sciences related field who has three (3) or more years of clinical wound care experience is eligible. This is documented through your three letters of reference, resume, and application. Please note: If you are not sure if you meet the eligibility requirements to take the wound certification examination, please email the ABWM at: info@abwmcertified.org or call (202) 457-8408.

When are the next wound certification test dates?
The Certified Wound Care (CWS) Exam is offered in a continuous testing cycle.  Completed applications must be received in the ABWM office a minimum of 15 business days prior to the desired testing date.  Once approved, candidates may schedule their examination for any time in the following six months, based on availability.

The candidate handbook/application can be downloaded here.

Where is the wound certification examination administered?
The CWS wound certification examination will be offered at 170 sites across the United States. For more information on the exam scheduling click here.

What is the cost to sit for the national board certification examination administered by the ABWM?
The CWS exam fee is $575.

Where can I find additional information about the CWS exam?
Information about the certification exams can be accessed at the ABWM website.

Can I use the PT – OT Wound Certification Course to obtain the WCC wound care certification?
Yes. The PT Wound Certification Course may be used as preparation for the WCC wound care certification provided you meet the WCC eligibility requirements. However, if you have a Bachelor’s degree or higher we recommend that you obtain the CWS wound certification.

If you require additional CE hours to meet the WCC requirement, WoundEducators.com will provide access to these additional hours free of charge.