How to Gather Safely for Memorial Day

Plenty of people are getting restless at home amidst COVID-19. Many are also planning to venture outside their home and gather with loved ones or friends this weekend. If you are one of them, it is important to follow these tips for staying safe if you are planning to socialize for Memorial Day 2020.

Reminder: Greet from a Distance

It is hard to keep distance from loved ones, especially when it feels so unnatural! However, for those outside your immediate family unit, caution should be taken when greeting people. Even people who look healthy can still be infected or spread the virus.

Immunologist specialist Erin Bromage also shared the following tips for making sure you enjoy your holiday weekend but also keep COVID-19 from spreading.

Use Outdoor Spaces When Possible

Utilize outdoor spaces as much as possible. Being outdoors provides enough open space and encourages physical distancing. Distancing properly outside also reduces the need for face masks.

Memorial Day gathering covid19

High Heat Kills Viruses

If you are planning on having a barbeque – you’re in luck! Heat effectively kills viruses, including Coronavirus. Make sure your meat is thoroughly cooked. Also make sure cooked food goes from barbeque to personal plate to avoid multiple surfaces and hand transfers.

Absolutely No Chip Bowls!

Shared plates, such as chips and dip can encourage virus spread because of the hand to mouth action. Please avoid having shared plates and communal trays at all costs.

Pools are OK if Properly Maintained

You must still socially distance yourself from others if swimming. However, properly maintained pools are designed to kill bacteria and viruses. Taking a dip (from a distance!) shouldn’t cause additional worry.

Keep Doors Open

Keep residential doors open. This reduces the touching of doorknobs. If you are hosting a Memorial Day party at your home, make sure proper supplies (hand sanitizer, tissues, wipes, gloves) are available to sanitize surfaces.

Remember Those Who Served

While Memorial Day is bustling with other excitement and new rules to follow, it is also important not to forget the real reason we can celebrate – those who served for us.

Share this with your loved ones to make sure they are prepared for safer gatherings!

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