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WoundEducators.com is the authoritative resource center for health care practitioners looking to explore the fast-growing field of wound management. WoundEducators.com was developed following years of wound care research to bring you essential information from leading wound management practitioners, researchers, and educators. All information has been synthesized to form engaging, informative, and truly effective online wound care programs and educational activities.

Meet Our Team of Wound Care Experts

WoundEducators.com Founder & President

Laurie Swezey

Laurie Swezey, RN, BSN, CWCN, CWS

Laurie Swezey, founder, and president of WoundEducators.com, has been a Registered Nurse for more than a quarter-century, with most of those years dedicated to wound treatment. Ms. Swezey is a Certified Wound Care Nurse and a Certified Wound Specialist. In addition to her work as a Certified Wound Specialist, Laurie is a nurse informaticist and educator. She works collaboratively with leading organizations to improve their operations through innovative technology, information, and practice. Laurie has worked extensively in the home health care industry helping organizations meet the growing demand for wound management by combining the expertise of certified wound specialists with the availability of digital photography and computer technology.

Throughout her career, Ms. Swezey found that certified wound specialists dramatically improve patient outcomes and significantly reduce the overall cost of care – a win-win for all.  She also identified a significant shortage of qualified wound care professionals and available, accessible, and affordable wound care education and wound certification programs. As a result, she shifted her focus from educating a few to facilitating wound certification nationwide. Her goal, and WoundEducators.com’s mission, is to revolutionize wound care by delivering convenient, affordable wound care education, facilitating wound care certification, and enhancing practitioner expertise and patient care.

Karen Jack Wound Educators

Karen Jack

If you have taken one of our online wound care certification courses or have had questions about which wound certification program is right for you, chances are you have had the pleasure of chatting with Karen. Karen has helped support our students throughout the years to achieve their wound certification goals. Karen is also an integral part of our wound care program partner support. We couldn’t do it without her!

WoundEducators.com Contributors and Advisory Panel

betsy Myers wound care orthopaedics

Betsy Myers, PT, DHS, CSCS, CLT, Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedics

Dr. Betsy Myers graduated from Northwestern University with a Masters of Physical Therapy. She went on to obtain both her Master’s and Doctorate of Health Sciences from the University of Indianapolis. Dr. Myers became a Certified Lymphedema Therapist in 2006, a Certified Wound Specialist in 2007, and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist in 2019. She has worked in various wound management settings including acute care, outpatient, burn units, and diabetic foot clinics. Dr. Myers is the author of Wound Management: Principles and Practice, the fourth edition of which was published in 2020. She also contributed two chapters to Integumentary Essentials:  Preferred Physical Therapist Practice Patterns. Dr. Myers is an Associate Professor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and continues to practice at St. Francis Health System. She serves on the advisory board of Why Wound Care? Dr. Myers also teaches continuing education courses in wound management, lymphedema, and orthopedics. 

Heather hettrick wound certification advisory

Heather Hettrick, PT, Ph.D., CWS, AWCC, CLT-LANA, CLWT, CORE

Heather Hettrick is a Professor in the Physical Therapy Program at Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale Florida.  As a physical therapist, her expertise resides in integumentary dysfunction, where she holds four board certifications/credentials.  

Heather has diverse work experience in academia and the private sector.  She is a key opinion leader and is actively involved in numerous professional organizations, conducts research and publishes, presents, and teaches, nationally and internationally on integumentary-related issues.  

Dr. Hettrick is a Past President of the American Board of Wound Management and is a past Board and Executive Committee member of the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care.  She is currently on the board of the World Alliance of Wound and Lymphedema Care, the advisory board for the Why Wound Care Campaign, and the Editorial Board for Today’s Wound Clinic.  Additionally, she is on the planning committee for the American Vein and Lymphatic Society and Faculty and Director of Wound Education for the International Lymphedema and Wound Training Institute.

Denise Sadowski-Leist, RN, MSN, ACNP

Denise Leist headshot

Denise is an advanced practice nurse currently working as a Nurse Practitioner in the area of wounds and surgery. She has been a nurse for over 30 years, 26 of those being in advanced practice with a focus on wounds, burns, and skin issues. She has lectured extensively in university settings to advanced practice nursing students in the area of wounds and pathophysiology. She also has presented at various regional and national conferences on topics on research findings and program development. She has published articles and book chapters related to wounds and burn care. Denise is a member of the Association for the Advancement in Wound Care and the American Burn Association. She holds certifications as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and Certified Wound Specialist.

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