The National Alliance of Wound Care and Ostomy® (NAWCO) offers offers seven certifications, the WCC®, DWC®, OMS, LLE®, WPC®AWCC®, and NWCC™. NAWCO is a non-profit organization that makes up the largest and fastest growing group of certified wound care and ostomy professionals in the United States. 

The WCC® Wound Care Certified

The AWCC® Advanced Wound Care Certification

The DWC® Diabetic Wound Certification

The NWCC® Nutrition Wound Care Certification

The OMS® Ostomy Management Specialist Certification

The LLE® Lymphedema Lower Extremity Management Certification 

The WPC® Wound Prevention Certification

What’s the Differences in the NAWCO® Wound Care Certifications?

The difference boils down to qualifications. Many of the NAWCO® certifications have three pathway options, including the experiential pathway, the continuing education pathway, and the training course option. WoundEducators courses meets the educational requirement for the WCC®, DWC®, and AWCC® certifications. The best wound care certification option will depend on your current license.

Wound Care Certified (WCC®)

The Wound Care Certified WCC® exam is open to RNs, LPNs, LVNs, NPs, PAs, PTs, PTAs, OTAs, MDs, DOs, and DPMs with an active and unrestricted license. The WCC® is one of the most universal wound care certifications available to healthcare professionals. To become Wound Care Certified, an active license, educational component, and experience is required. The educational component required can either be graduation from a skin and wound management course that meets board criteria like WoundEducators or a current active CWCN®, CWON®, CWOCN®, or CWS® credential. Experience can qualify as either 120 hours of hands-on clinical training with an approved NAWCO preceptor or completion of two years full-time or four years part-time experience with an ongoing active involvement in wound care.

The Wound Care Certified WCC® exam fee is $380. The WCC® exam is a computer-based exam.

The Advanced Wound Care Certification (AWCC® )

The Advanced Wound Care Certification is one of the newest NAWCO® wound care certifications that helps healthcare professionals elevate their wound care credentialing. In order to qualify for the AWCC® certification, all applicants must have a current active certification such as the WCC®, CWCN®, CWON®, CWOCN®, CWS®, CWCA®, CWSP®. Without a prior wound care certification, healthcare professionals will not be able to qualify for the AWCC®.

In addition to prior wound care certification, the AWCC® also has experience and licensing requirements all candidates must meet. Rns, LPNs, LVNs, NPs, APNs, PTs, PTAs, OTs, DPMs, DOs, MDs, and PAs with an active, unrestricted license and current wound care certification can become Advanced Wound Care Certified. The additional requirements are graduation from an advanced wound training course like wound educators AND one year of full-time or two years of part-time experience with wound care and wound management.

The AWCC® certification is valid for five years. The AWCC® exam fee is $380. The AWCC® is also a computer-based exam.

How to Get Wound Care Certified

1.  Download the appropriate Candidate Handbook & Application Form

2.  Complete and Submit Your Application

3.  Get Approved and Schedule Your Wound Certification Exam

Maintaining Your NAWCO® Wound Care Certification

If your NAWCO® credential expired within the past 90 days, you can still be eligible for recertification. If it has been more than 90 days since expiration, you will need to get your credential reinstated. The re-examination fee is the same cost as the initial exam.