The Certified Wound Specialist Physician CWSP® certification is offered by the American Board of Wound Management (ABWM®). The CWSP® certification is an accredited wound care certification that is valid for ten years. 

CWSP® certification Certified Wound Specialist Physician

CWSP® Certification Information

  • 80% Pass Rate 
  • $995 Exam Application Fee 
  • 180 Questions 
  • Ten year certification 
  • Nationally accredited 
  • Offered by ABWM®
  • Passing score = 116/150
  • MD, DO, DPMs can be eligible

Who is Eligible for CWSP® Wound Certification?

MDs, DOs, and DPMs with three or more years of experience can become CWSP® certified. Many physicians and podiatrists become CWSP® certified to market wound management as a service and to create their niche specialty.

In order to sit for the CWSP® exam, candidates must have at least 3 years of wound care experience. 

 Candidates with a professional license applying for ABWM® wound certification exams must possess a full and unrestricted license in at least one state and in all states in which the candidate currently practice. 

Wound care does not have to be your primary responsibility to meet the requirement of 3 years of experience, just so long as you have a cumulative total of three years of experience in wound care-related roles. Candidates will demonstrate their roles related to wound care through the different parts of their application. 

CWSP® Certification Exam Information & Cost

The CWSP® wound certification exam cost is $995. There are 180 questions on the CWSP® wound care exam, with a passing score being 116/150. (Some of the questions on the exam are ungraded.) The CWSP® exam passing rate is currently 80%. 

How do you Become a CWSP® Certified Wound Specialist Physician?

A CWSP® is anyone who has taken and passed the CWSP® wound care certification exam offered by the American Board of Wound Management (ABWM®). The CWSP® certification is an accredited wound care certification that is valid for ten years. 

Start with Wound Care Courses

WoundEducators online wound care courses cover every aspect of wound care management to help you prepare for the CWSP® exam. Extra course offerings include digital flashcards, CWSP® study guides, and more.

If a CWSP® candidate does not meet the minimum requirement for experience, they can still take our online Physician wound care course to leverage more experience. At the end of our course, students will receive an official certificate proving successful completion of an advanced wound management course.

Physicians can also begin their wound management expertise with us and leverage more experience through their current employer. Our course completion certificate will show your employer that you have successfully completed an advanced wound management course.

How to Apply for the CWSP® Exam

Follow these simple steps to apply for the CWSP® exam.

  1. Download and review the Certified Wound Specialist Physician (CWSP®) Candidate Handbook  
  2. Create an account and complete your application online. 
  3. Apply for the CWSP® exam
  4. Once your application to sit for the certification examination has been approved, you may schedule your exam for any time in the following 90 days, based on availability at your local testing center.
  5. Upon completing the exam, a score report will be generated immediately. 

Other ABWM® Wound Care Certifications

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