wound care certification course reviews student testimonialsReasons our students love our online wound care certification courses:

  • Affordable
  • Easy-to-Understand Material
  • Access Anytime, Anywhere
  • Until You Pass Guarantee
  • 24/7 Support
  • E-Textbook 
  • Study guides included
  • Evidence-Based Focus for wound management that works
  • Covers all necessary wound care topics
  • Maximum CE Hours provided
  • Can be used for any certification you like, including the AWCC WCC, CWCA, CWS, CWSP, and CWCN.

Wound Care Certification Course Testimonials

a recent student states:  After months of distractions and disasters, I finally took the certification exam for NAWCO and guess what? I PASSED! The Wound Educators course equipped me with all the tools I needed to prepare. All of the material on the exam was thoroughly addressed in the course. Thank you for your support and encouragement!” –Sue Hill, RN,WCC

 by Jeffryl P.
Which Cerification Credential Did You Receive: WCC

Wound educators is a best platform in preparation for WCC examination. Modules are fully equipped with the appropriate information needed in passing the WCC.

It also includes up to date evidenced based practice in the wound care profession. This platform also let me study in my own pacing.It is highly recommended to choose Wound Educators in preparation for WCC ,as matter of fact I suggested my colleagues to take their preparatory course here.
All in all I have a great experience in undergoing my Wound Care Certification course here in Wound Educators.

 by Malologa

 This wound care class has open my mind up to all the different kind of wound and how to dress it. I have learned a lot from this course after completing it, I now know how to provide proper wound care dressing to each wound.

Thank you for this great opportunity and for sharing your knowledge on providing wound care services.

 by Elsa F.

The course was Great! I felt the course material was very informative and gave great examples to help one better understand. Thank you for your help with getting started on the course! It was greatly appreciated.

 by Jose N.

Thanks for the certificate!  The course was extraordinary, the way it constructed is very helpful to understand and acknowledge every single aspect of wound care. For me it was a great experience and I’m very satisfied with it.

 by M. Squillace

Thank you Wound Educators for providing an excellent course in wound care. As a hospice physician I take care of all types of wounds from simple to complex and thought I had a solid grasp of the best manner in which to care for my patients' wounds, but your course provided me with so much knowledge and information. I have been able to incorporate the knowledge that I have gained into improved wound care for all of the patients under my care. Everyone at was so helpful, especially Ms. Karen Jack, who was always pleasant and available to answer all and any questions.


 by Kelcey E.

I was told about this course from a Nurse Practitioner that I worked with. I applied and started the course. The information in the course is up to date and very precise. I had no problems with how to start and what needed to be done. When I did have questions the staff at Wound Educators were quick to respond. I really expected to be overloaded and have a hard time but the course is actually made to fit any schedule. After I get my RN degree I will be pursuing more education on wound care through this program. Thank you Wound Educators for everything.

 by Sharon G., RN, BSN, CNOR, WCC
Which Cerification Credential Did You Receive: WCC

I passed my certification exam! The Wound Educators course was very informative and the system of reading the material, a video presentation and a quiz for each module was a good system for auditory and visual learners. There are also flash cards for all the vocabulary and terms for each module. The course is comprehensive and prepares you for your exam.

 by Beth A., APN
Which Cerification Credential Did You Receive: CWS

On June 26 I took the CWS board exam and passed.

The course was helpful.  My background is 33 years as a nurse and the last 6 years of that as a nurse practitioner. My experience is critical care nursing followed by primary care of adults.  I share this because my wound knowledge needed to start from the basics.  I felt like a self-paced course would be best for me.  This was the biggest reason I chose WoundEducators. Also, a coworker of mine had done the course and felt it really helped her so I followed her recommendation. The modules were helpful, especially the power points.  I found the texts to be helpful. One drawback for me was the two texts.  I'd like to suggest limiting it to one text.  It is too overwhelming and too much reading for each module.

Karen, thank you for getting back to me with my certificate.  And thanks for your help when I needed questions answered.  Have a great rest of your summer!

 by Craig P.

I was very impressed with the Wound Educators CWS course.  It was comprehensive, in depth, scholarly and evidence based.  I felt that it provided great preparation for the ABWM test- which I have taken...and passed!  More importantly it prepared me for safe and comprehensive wound care as a Physical Therapist in outpatient practice.  I don't think a better course could be found.  I highly recommend!

 by Crystal W., FNP BC

Wound Educators was an all encompassing program that went through many of the challenging wounds I have encountered in my seven years as a wound care Nurse Practitioner. I enjoyed learning about the modalities we do not use regularly in the clinic such as whirlpool and E stim. I enjoyed the different ways they approach learning. For example, there are keywords, flashcards, and outlines. People learn differently so this was a nice feature. I wanted to capitalize on my maternity leave and do the course while I was home. Things did not go as expected and I did not have time to work on this. The staff at W.E. was punctual with every question I had and very accommodating. I am happy with my choice investing on this program to prepare me for recertifying for my wound care exam.

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