wound care certification course reviews student testimonialsReasons our students love our online wound care certification courses:

  • Affordable
  • Easy-to-Understand Material
  • Access Anytime, Anywhere
  • Until You Pass Guarantee
  • 24/7 Support
  • E-Textbook 
  • Study guides included
  • Evidence-Based Focus for wound management that works
  • Covers all necessary wound care topics
  • Maximum CE Hours provided
  • Can be used for any certification you like, including the AWCC WCC, CWCA, CWS, CWSP, and CWCN.

Wound Care Certification Course Testimonials

a recent student states:  After months of distractions and disasters, I finally took the certification exam for NAWCO and guess what? I PASSED! The Wound Educators course equipped me with all the tools I needed to prepare. All of the material on the exam was thoroughly addressed in the course. Thank you for your support and encouragement!” –Sue Hill, RN,WCC

 by Christine H., MSN, ANP, NP-C

This class was useful and interesting. The length, and depth, were appropriate for my goal,  which was to perform wound care rounds in a skilled nursing/long term care facility. The staff were helpful; my available time to work on the course was limited and interrupted by work,  and I needed help several times to get back into the coursework. They were respectful and patient. I have recommended this course to several colleagues and will continue to do so.

 by Hannah C.

I thought the course was very interesting and the information has already helped me in my every day practice as a med/surg nurse. The course was well organized - it was great to be able to print out the course outline and key terms to follow along. I thought the modules were user friendly and the workload was manageable. I loved that it’s at your own pace!

 by Sima T.

The contents were comprehensive yet easy to understand after careful viewing and application to how we provide wound care for our patients. Good review of the A &P of the integumentary system. The outline and the notes from the presentations were helpful before taking the quizzes and the final exam. I’ve been in the profession for 40+ years, I will pass the torch to the younger generation who have completed the advanced course to pursue certification.


 by Kathy S.

I thought the wound care course was great!!  I will admit that it was not easy but I feel I learned a lot and I am ready to take the exam and pursue a new position in the Wound Care Clinic here at Tamarack Health in Ashland, WI.   Thank you for what you do.  I am very appreciative.

 by Amber S

I enjoyed taking this wound care class.  I learned a lot!  I enjoyed being able to access it at my own pace and on my own schedule and I liked the fact that I could go back and watch the lessons and retake the tests as many times as needed.  I liked the outline provided and the flashcards as well as the recommended chapters to review.  I enjoyed the lessons.  I do wish there was more on nutrition since that is my back ground.  Also, since I do not have a nursing background, it would be helpful to have more instructional videos on how providers perform certain techniques such as dressing changes, cleansing, etc.

 by Kimberly T

The wound care course was very easy to follow along, course was great and  power points were good as well.

The only thing I did not like and I understand is that I wish I could have printed out the chapters as I am not a reader on the computer, but otherwise I felt it was great!

 by Gulsah B

The course was easy to follow. test questions were hard and got you thinking. The modules were very thorough.

 by Anonymous

I enjoyed the course immensely and there was so much useful information for practitioners.

 by Jeffery B

Loved the course. Informative for sure. Very organized.

 by Coreen W

The course format was user friendly, for me the content was a good review  - I have been at this a long time and to my surprise some of my "old" ways remain best practice yet.  I appreciate the fexibility in continuing the course, had many unforseen events that slowed my progress.

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