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Diabetic foot ulcers

If you work with adults you will likely work with wounds, and if you work with wounds, you will frequently be called upon to treat diabetic ulcers. Diabetic ulcers are extremely common and can lead to lower extremity amputation if not treated early and aggressively. These diabetic ulcer resources can help you manage your diabetic clients with more confidence.

An understanding of the pathophysiology of diabetic ulcers is crucial to the successful treatment of these ulcers, as is knowing how to prevent them from occurring in the first place. As a wound care professional, you can build a library of resources that you can refer to when treating these ulcers. The following diabetic ulcer resources can help you in treating your clients with diabetic ulcers, knowing that you are offering the best care based on evidence-based practices:

Diabetic Foot Ulcer Images

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 Diabetic Foot Ulcers Articles

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 Videos and e-media


  1. The Spectrum of Vascular Disease, Diabetes, and Foot Ulcerations


  1. The diabetes is a hidden killer disease it very dangerous and your blog is awesome. you clear my doubts about diabetes and its used more people keep post more blog than you.

  2. The wound and sore ulcer is affected usually because of people carelessness but if the saw your blog means they have taken extra care of them health. Thank you for posting blog keep more posting blog because it very useful to people.

    1. You are totally correct. Diabetic ulcers are preventable and much easier to treat if people are compliant with managing their diabetes, checking their feet daily and implementing measures to reduce the risk of ulcer development.

  3. Hi there,
    I am interested to attend if you are providing conference or education regarding diabetic foot ulcer or any kind of wound like pilonidal abscess.
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