Ensuring Healthcare Job Security in a Faltering Economy

The jobless rate in the United States has now surpassed 9%. Every industry, including health care, must tighten their purse strings in order to remain viable in today’s tough economic climate. Part of this strategy may be the retention of employees that can offer organizations the most value for their money. How can you ensure that you won’t become one of the “statistics”? What can you do to ensure healthcare job security? Making yourself indispensable to the organization you work for is one way you can ensure that you remain employed when others around you are losing their jobs. Consider the following key points to increasing your personal value:

  • Education is key – Employers are always impressed by credentials, and educating yourself is never wrong. Not only do you increase your knowledge level, but also your career flexibility and options. Education can open up new avenues to you (and your employer). Your employer will appreciate your dedication to your career that pursuing further education shows, and you will appreciate the commensurate pay raises!
  • Become certified – This is one step further than continuing education. Becoming certified in a specialty area such as wound care shows that you are committed to excellence. Certification, because of the necessary requirements to uphold your certification, also tells your employer that you will remain current in the field. Certification is usually optional, and this tells your employer that you are someone who values both themselves and their career and says that you are willing to go that extra mile to bring something special to the table.
  • Discover your niche – Becoming certified elevates you above the crowd. The practitioner who is certified will be sought after and will be indispensable to their employer. Due to the rapid changes in wound care management that are taking place, as well as changes in the law regarding wound care, employers will value someone who has the most current and up-to-date knowledge in regards to management, liability, and standards of care.
  • Build relationships – Use the knowledge you gain from becoming a wound care specialist to build your relationships and network with others who will recognize your value as a certified professional. Offer to use your knowledge to assist and teach others and you will be remembered. This will ensure that you always have options should your current job ever evaporate. You will gain a world of confidence from becoming a certified specialist in wound care, and this will help you to make and maintain valuable and lucrative relationships that will serve you well.
  • Be the best that you can be – It may sound like a cliché, but by becoming one of the “elite” in wound care management you can help to ensure positive outcomes for your patients while using your knowledge to lower the overall costs associated with wound care. Your employer will appreciate your understanding of new treatment modalities that can help to defray costs, making you an invaluable member of any organization, especially in today’s world of cost containment.

Perhaps the most important thing that you can do to increase your healthcare job security is to love what you do. People who are passionate about their career stand out, and are generally happier than their colleagues who view their jobs as just that-a job. Educating yourself has so many positives and no downside. Becoming certified will allow you to have greater control over your career and will afford you more choices.

WoundEducators.com is dedicated to assisting health care practitioners to achieve excellence and satisfaction within a growing field that shows no signs of slowing. In fact, the need for certified wound consultants will keep growing due to new standards in wound care management. Do yourself a favor and consider becoming a certified wound care specialist. In doing so, you will help prove your value to your employer and ensure that your career remains safe.

WoundEducators.com offers comprehensive online wound management training programs designed to educate and prepare health care practitioners to become certified in the rapidly growing field of wound management.

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