Five Benefits of Becoming Wound Care Certified

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As a provider of wound care courses, you would expect us to believe passionately in the value of being wound care certified. However, you shouldn’t just take our word for it. There is plenty of evidence to show that wound care certification offers tangible benefits to you and your patients. Below are just some of the benefits that have been demonstrated.

Five Reasons to Become Wound Care Certified

  • improved career prospects
  • improvements in patient care
  • greater autonomy and enhanced collaboration with other professionals
  • increased recognition and respect
  • personal growth, satisfaction, and feelings of accomplishment

It has been shown that becoming wound care certified offers improved career prospects. According to the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), a board-certified nurse can take home around $9,000 per year more than a non-certified professional. Furthermore, some healthcare organizations are now offering financial incentives and professional development programs to attract and retain certified professionals. Another key benefit of the additional training required for wound care certification is the greater level of knowledge gained and the resulting improvements in patient care that the certified professional is able to offer.

Other benefits of becoming wound care certified include greater autonomy and enhanced collaboration with other professionals, through professional networking associations such as the WoundEducators Facebook group and other groups. By communicating and collaborating with other professionals who are wound care certified, you are able to improve your own knowledge and collectively raise the standards of wound care. In addition, surveys conducted through the ANCC and other professional groups have shown that certification helps wound care professionals to feel better accepted and recognized by physicians and peers.

Another benefit of becoming wound care certified is the increased recognition and respect that comes from professional colleagues who understand the time and dedication required to achieve this high level of qualification. Greater respect also comes from patients and families, leading to greater trust from patients and improved patient outcomes. Finally, all the benefits described above lead to personal growth, satisfaction, and feelings of accomplishment; characteristics that are essential to any rewarding career. With the benefits described above, and further benefits besides, there really are few reasons not to aim for wound care certification.

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  1. could you please send me the web address for the wound certification certification for a lpn. thank you! becky

  2. Good day to all. By dint of hard work, I have passed the physician’s component of the wound care exam with a score of almost 95 per cent. I graciously thank my tutors, administrators and others for paving the way for me to now pursue the CWS course as a candidate I am also a published author/researcher and I am happy to educate all and sundry via by professional care , thank you wound

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