WoundEducators Now Supports Go.Build.Love

WoundEducators.com is proud to announce our latest charitable partnership – Go.Build.Love! Go.Build.Love is a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission of building stronger communities on top of water. 1 in 10 people in the world do not have access to clean or drinkable water. Sadly, 80% of all illnesses in the developing world come from waterborne diseases.

An Exciting Announcement From Our Founder

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Gonaives, Haiti

Our founder and CEO, Laurie Swezey, has a deep-rooted passion for helping others. In addition to her mission of providing affordable wound care education for all, she also has special plans to support Go.Build.Love’s efforts in Gonaives, Haiti.

How You Can Help

To donate to the medical clinic, visit the Go.Build.Love website and select the Haiti dropdown. You can also purchase one of our “Where There’s a Wound, There’s a Way!” T-shirts. All proceeds benefit local and global charities including Go.Build.Love.

More About Go.Build.Love

The Go.Build.Love foundation began in 2015 with a mission trip to Haiti. Hundreds of Haitians were traveling near and far to one tiny, run-down school for its shade and water.

go build love foundation

Upon seeing the need for clean water and schools for local children to attend, the Go.Build.Love foundation was born. GBL founders thought, “What if ON TOP OF WATER we built schools and churches, and medical clinics, businesses, agriculture, and even homes?”  

Go.Build.Love began with simple water filters and grew into so much more. The foundation now supports communities in Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras, Uganda, and Tanzania. In addition to water filters, Go.Build.Love has been building schools, churches, and medical clinics for these communities.

Follow Our Go.Build.Love Journey

To stay updated on WoundEducators’ charitable endeavors, make sure to subscribe to our wound care newsletter. We’d also like to thank everyone for the support and donations!

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