Recommended Wound Care Product Manufacturers

Because wound management is such an exciting and dynamic area, many wound care product manufacturers are competing to offer products that offer demonstrable and reproducible benefits in patients. There is, however, a relatively select group of leading manufacturers that dominate the market, with the resources available to undertake large research and development programs (see Figure). These companies tend to offer a full range of products, including the more specialized and costly research-driven products, while the more low-tech products such as gauze and adhesive bandages are supplied by a large number of generic wound care product manufacturers.

The leading global wound care product manufacturer by share of the market is the US-based Johnson & Johnson. This company has an impressive heritage dating back more than 100 years, and is responsible for iconic brands such as Band-aid and Tielle as well as offering the Silvercel range and NuDerm. Smith & Nephew, 3M, KCI, and Systagenix all follow Johnson & Johnson in terms of market dominance, and have a similar market share.

Smith & Nephew, based in the UK, can trace its history back the furthest of the dominant companies, to the 1860s. This company is the manufacturer of many of the household names in wound management, including Acticoat, Allevyn, IV300, and Opsite.  The US-based company, 3M, offers Tegaderm, Cavilon, as well as the Coban 2 compression system. Like all of the major wound care product manufacturers, 3M offers a portfolio of products extending well beyond the limits of healthcare. KCI is best known for its devices such as Vacuum Assisted Closure systems and related products, although it also manufactures the advanced skin substitute range, Graftjacket. Finally, Systagenix was formed via the acquisition of Johnson & Johnsons’ advanced wound care business in 2008, and continues to offer many of the recognised Johnson & Johnson brands.

Although they are not able to compete on size, many of the mid-sized or smaller manufacturers, including Molnycke, Coloplast, and Beiersdorf, also offer effective products that can compete with those of the larger manufacturers in terms of quality and efficacy.

Global Market Shares in Wound Management Market, 2012 1

Global Market Shares in Wound Management Market 2012

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  1. Hello,

    My hospital and skilled nursing facility in Guam will be implementing the use of negative pressure wound vacuum treatment in our wound care patients. We have not yet purchased wound vac units and are interested in finding out what the recommended unit is. Please keep in mind that here in Guam we do not have access to vendors who can demonstrate and service the units easily and we will need the most reliable units requiring the least amount of maintenance.

    Thanks-you so much for your help.

    Nora Garces

    1. Nora,
      I am not sure how easily accessible this unit would be for you. There is a company SNAP that is very nice. These units are negative pressure and these are disposable units. You can place it then have the patient change the cartridge only and just have them return to you or seen in home every 4-7 days to change the dressing and assess the wound activity.

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