wound care training

Wound care training is advancing at a rapid pace.  Although wound care is touched on briefly in most health care education programs, only the basics are covered. It is up to health care professionals to stay abreast of the latest knowledge. Wound care training can be informal or formal, and WoundEducators.com offers you the best of both worlds.

Wound Care Training Certification Courses

For nurses and other health care professionals who want to move beyond the basics and advance their career, WoundEducators.com offers a variety of wound care training courses to prepare for wound care certification. No matter your level of education, we have a course for you!

Our wound care certification courses offer:  

  • Up to 60 CE/CME hours
  • The most up-to-date wound management content created by wound-certified professionals
  • 100% online study with unique and interactive learning tools
  • The ability to proceed at your own pace
  • 24/7 course access 
  • “Until-You-Pass” risk-free guarantee
  • Preparation for the wound certification exam of your choice, including the CWCA®, CWS®, CWSP®, WCC®, CWCN®, or AWCC®

Best of all, our courses are competitively priced at about one-third the cost of many traditional seminar courses.

How Our Wound Care Training Program Works

Our wound care training programs are uniquely tailored to your level of understanding and experience to prepare you with the skills and knowledge you need to take and pass the certification examination of your choice. At WoundEducators.com, we have tailored our online wound care programs to specific groups of professionals- regardless of your educational background, one of our online wound certification courses is sure to meet (and surpass) your needs.

Want to learn more about our wound care certification options? We’re happy to speak with you if you need assistance! Contact us today- you’ll be glad you did.

Free Wound Care Training Resources

We want to help you stay up-to-date with the latest knowledge. For this reason, we have made several resources available at no charge on woundeducators.com, including Wound care articles– our wound care articles provide you with wound care information on a wide variety of topics, backed up by resources you can trust.

We also provide an in-depth and unbiased comparison of every wound care certification available. Whether you are looking to see which wound care certification you qualify for, checking to see how hard wound care certification is, or comparing the cost of wound care certification, WoundEducators is here to be your one-stop-shop for all things wound care training.