Comparing the Cost of Wound Care Courses

Unsure of which wound care certification course to choose? Perhaps you’ve noticed how widely varied the cost of wound care programs can be. Can your top wound care course options justify the cost? What makes them so different? Compare what you will receive with each wound course vs what is included in the cost. 

Doing your wound care certification research up front will benefit you in the long run. Almost every wound care certification course out there does not include the cost of the certification test. Board certified exams must operate independently of other organizations in order to be accredited, so the cost of these exams is rarely incorporated into the course cost. Doing your research allows you to save money and choose a wound care course that provides the most value to you. 

We compare our online wound care courses to other popular wound care education companies – see how our course compares to three other anonymous online course providers.

wound care course cost

Wound Management CE Hours

wound care course CE hours comparison

WoundEducators provides more wound care CE hours than any other leading wound care certification provider. WoundEducators gives double the CE hours other companies do. The CE hours awarded for completing one of our courses is between 50-60, depending on your education/course level. Getting two times the CE hours for a fraction of the cost is one reason many people choose our courses. Company 1, 2, and 3 only offer between 15-25 CE hours.

Accredited Wound Care Courses

Not only do you get more CE hours with WoundEducators, but the CE hours earned are independently reviewed. We have submitted our courses to independent standardization boards to ensure that they meet the high standards set for wound care certification education. Our courses will provide all the necessary prep work and education needed to pass your exam. 

Do Not Fall for Vague or Misleading Wound Certification Accreditation Statements

Pay close attention when you come across statements like “This nursing continuing professional development activity is approved by an accredited organization”. Statements like that do not mean that the wound care certification given is accredited. It translates to saying the CE hours you receive from course completion have been accredited and meet the standards for CE in various states. Many companies that offer lower-cost course completion certifications or incorporate the cost of certification exam into their course are not nationally accredited. These are simply course completion certificates. 

Choose a wound care education that is independently reviewed, or risk not learning as much as you need to pass the exam. Practicing healthcare professionals who have taken the national wound care certification exams developed our courses!

Course Access

wound care course access length

Our traditional online course access is six months. Our courses can be completed in six months by just dedicating 2.5 hours a week. The most expensive wound care course (Company 1) is also the course with the shortest availability time – 90 days. Company 2 will provide 365 days of access, but it is roughly double the cost of WoundEducators courses. Company 3 has unlimited access for a low price, but the course will only provide you with an unaccredited certificate of completion at the end. You are essentially paying for an online textbook. 

Additional Items Included

As mentioned earlier, course access is six months, but we also offer an Until You Pass course guarantee. If you do not pass your wound care certification exam the first time, we will reopen your course free of charge. We are the only wound care education provider with this added benefit.

Every company compared includes wound care certification study guides and practice exams.  Another question you can ask is, “How up-to-date is the content?” Our wound courses have recently been revised to feature cutting-edge wound management techniques (as of Oct 2020). Make sure you are not learning outdated practices going into your exam! 

Which Wound Care Exam is Recommend?

Be critical of which certifications your wound care course steer you towards. The certification exam they encourage you to take might be for THEIR benefit, not yours. Company 3 provides its own in-house wound care certification, one that is not nationally recognized nor accredited. WoundEducators encourages you to pursue the wound care certification that will benefit your career the most.

We believe that all healthcare professionals cannot be standardized into the same certification. We recognize that nurses, MAs, physicians, etc. should all pursue different paths to obtain the most professional recognition and career value. We are as transparent as possible about the different certification exams offered. On our site you will find the cost of each wound care certification exam, the certification boards that regulate them, frequently asked wound certification questions, and the eligibility criteria of each certification.

Don’t let your hard work and studying fall short – choose an accredited wound care certification! Don’t choose the cheapest option, because it may fall short on expectations. Don’t automatically assume the most expensive option offers more, either. Base your final decisions on your own personal needs. 

Dare to Compare Wound Care Courses

What sets apart is the added benefits for no additional cost. We offer more CE hours than any other online wound care course. Our course cost also includes wound care e-textbook(s), study guides, and practice tests.  Enroll in our wound care course and also get generous course access timing, and a thorough evidence-based education that will help you pass the accredited CWS®, CWSP®, CWCA®, CWCN®, WCC®, or AWCC® exams, or any other wound care certification of your choice.

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  1. why is the WCC no longer accredited? Glad I saw this. However, I was told the CWS exam had some questions relative to reimbursement and geared toward a PT business. As an RN I do not get involved in the business aspects of a wound business. What texts can help me with should I encounter questions of this nature?

    1. Hi Lydia,
      On May 10, 2019, the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) granted accreditation to the National Alliance of Wound Care and Ostomy Wound Care Certified (WCC) Certification for demonstrating compliance with the NCCA Standards for the Accreditation of Certification Programs. The accreditation is valid for 5 years. NCCA is the accrediting body of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence.

  2. I am interested in your wound care certification course with the 6 months and guaranteed until you pass exam.
    I am a AD RN. Am I able to take the course?
    How much would it cost? Can you send me a breakdown on the different classes or modules that the course includes? Do you havr advanced classes after you’re certified?

    Feel free to call me at 972 896 0603
    Thanks so much!!

    Susie Kahn RN

  3. Im trying to understand your coarse. When i finish i could take the wcc or cws is that correct? Your company just recommends cws correct?

    1. Sheila, you can use our course to prepare for the WCC, CWS, CWSP, CWCA, or CWCN certifications. All are accredited wound care certfications. Your current license and clinical experience will dictate which certification you can pursue.

    1. Blu,

      The course provides you with 6 months of access, so even if you dedicated only 2.5 hours a week to the course, you’d have time to complete it. It averages 57 hours, so you can complete at your own pace during that six months. If you need more time, course extensions are also available for purchase.

  4. I’m an LPN in Ohio- If I take this course do you( Wound Educator) set up the exam at PSI?
    How do I go about taking the exam once the course is complete.

    Or is this just a test prep course and I have to seek other courses for the actual exam


    1. Elizabeth,

      Our course is a prep course for any wound certification exam you wish to take – if you have more than 3 years of experience, we recommend the CWCA as it is a 10-year accredited certification. The alternative option for an LPN is the WCC. Our course counts as the educational requirement – you will not have to seek out other courses. After you complete your course, you can apply to take the exam of your choice and pay the exam fee directly to either ABWM (CWCA) or NAWCCB (WCC). Best of luck!

  5. I am an RN, anticipating completion of my BSN IN JULY 2022. Can I take the BSN wound certification course now, months prior to receipt of my official degree?

  6. I am a BSNRN with 32+ years of experience both in hospital and home health. I’m looking to get my WOCN certification. I’m looking for hard numbers that include not only course cost but also preceptor online virtual program preferred.
    Please contact me at [email protected]

    1. Margaret,

      Our main goal is to provide preparation for wound care certification. You would need to get your ostomy and continence certification from another organization. We recommend that you begin with your wound certification as this is the most popular certification and wounds are much more prevalent than ostomies and continence issues.

      Once you become wound certified she can pursue the other two certifications as these are three completely separate certifications require different courses, separate exams, and separate fees.

      For wound care certification, I recommend our advanced course which is $897. The one wound certification offered by the WOCN board is $395. For more information about the wound certification through WCNB visit here

      For more information about where you can find ostomy and comments courses visit here

  7. I’m a CNA and medication aide. Would I be able to take these classes and get certified?

  8. Hi, I am very interested in your courses and would like to understand which course is best for me. can you please explain the difference in terms of course contents or information between BSN $997 vs. RN $897? I am an RN with BSN degree.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Sonya, the BSN and RN courses are both $997 currently. The courses have been updated to reflect the relatively new change that RNs (not just Bachelor-degree RNs) can now take the CWS exam offered by the ABWM. If you are a BSN, I would go with the BSN course. Best of luck!

  9. Hello, I am a PA. after completing your course am I awarded or can I claim CME Cat 1 hours?

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