Smart Wound Dressings

Many wound dressings fall into standard categories; foams,  hydrogels, and hydrocolloids for example. Although different dressings within these categories have slightly different features, all dressings within a category offer broadly similar properties. These dressings can all be placed on a continuum of occlusion ranging from gauze dressing at the least occlusive end to latex at the most occlusive. On the other hand, there are a number of dressings which cannot so easily be slotted in to a particular category, and these need to be considered on their own merits.

Miscellaneous Wound Dressings

Miscellaneous types of dressings and smart wound dressings that do not fall within the continuum of wound dressings include antimicrobials, charcoal dressings, wound fillers, polyacrylates and honey-based dressings. These offer properties that have can have a specific role in particular wounds at certain stages of wound healing.

Antimicrobials tend to be silver-based or offer some form of slow-release antimicrobial agent. These tend to be used in wounds with a high bioburden or infected wounds, and should be used until the bioburden is under control and the normal wound healing processes are restored. The key function of charcoal dressings is not to enhance wound healing rates but to control odor by absorbing the odor-producing gases released by bacteria. Wound fillers are specialized primary dressings used to fill deeper wounds that can add or absorb moisture from the wound bed. Polyacrylates, activated through contact with Ringer’s solution, are a convenient type of dressing that may be used as a form of debridement in all types of wound. Honey dressings are currently attracting considerable interest for their potentially wide range of properties, including an antibacterial, deodorizing, anti-inflammatory, and debriding action. They also appear to offer some pain relief to the patient. However, further clinical research is needed to confirm the more anecdotal evidence for the benefits of honey-based dressings.

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