Now Supporting Place of Hope Children’s Charity

Here at, we are always looking for ways to do more and give back to the community we serve. Being in the healthcare vertical, we see the fundamental link between physical health and emotional health and the need to integrate both into our recovery plans.

Many people have wounds you cannot see. While we make a difference in all our patient’s lives, what if we could combine our efforts to help even more people and make a greater collective difference?

Where There’s a Wound, There’s a Way!

With that idea, we formed our new charity – Where There’s a Wound, There’s a Way. With this endeavor, we would like to announce a new donation partnership with the non-profit Place of Hope. Place of Hope is the largest faith-based, state-licensed children’s organization in Palm Beach County. Thsi amazing charity provides services for underprivileged youth, abused children, human trafficking victims, and homeless youth. In efforts to give a sense of normalcy, Place of Hope provides family-style foster care for children who have suffered abuse. Place of Hope has a special focus on human trafficking recovery, helping to find rescue and protection for trafficking victims. Many times, some of the rescued women are also young teenage mothers. Place of Hope helps these young mothers get the prenatal care and shelter they desperately need.

A Local Children’s Charity We Support

place of hope best children's charity to donate to

Like, Place of Hope was founded in South Florida. While we were initially drawn to this charity organization because we share the same hometown, Place of Hope has gone beyond the local charity scope to make a big national impact. Place of Hope was 1 of only 51 charities in the nation to receive a 100% rating in Charity Navigator’s rating system.  In addition to being a highly reputable charity that makes a difference, they were also named the #1 Nonprofit for Youth Development, Shelter, and Crisis Services in the nation three years in a row. Place of Hope is the largest faith-based, state-licensed children’s organization in Palm Beach County. 

Highest Charity Ratings

place of hope

Last year, Place of Hope children’s charity also received the Guidestar Platinum Seal of Transparency, which is the highest level of transparency recognition a non-profit is able to obtain.

This transparency made us feel that it was one of the best charities to donate to. Many times you worry if your charitable contributions will actually make a difference – not with Place of Hope! This transparency is assurance that all donations received will benefit the families and children who need it the most. 

Make a Difference and Donate

Place of Hope has already helped over 10,000 children and families. With your help, we can help even more children and human trafficking victims get the safety and shelter they need. With our new charity program, Where There’s a Wound, There’s a Way, you can join fellow healthcare professionals and help spread hope to families, children, and human trafficking victims.

Place of Hope Services

  • Family-style foster care
  • Mental and physical health care
  • Human trafficking education and prevention
  • Shelter and rescue for human trafficking victims
  • Transitional housing and homeless support
  • Comprehensive medical care for young mothers
  • Prenatal care for underprivileged teens
  • Proper schooling, tutoring, and life skills
  • Social enterprise stores for employment opportunities and on-the-job training

We look forward to making a difference in the lives of more than just our own patients. We are excited about the potential to expand our charity donations to even more organizations in the future. If you would like to donate to Place of Hope, you can donate through our website and receive one of our “Where There’s a Wound, There’s a Way” t-shirts!

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