The Best Wound Healing Products You’ve Never Heard Of


Wound Healing Products

Think you’ve seen or heard about them all? Here are some wound healing products that you may not know about.

MediHoney Calcium Alginate dressing

You’ve probably heard about the use of sterile medical-grade honey for treating wounds, but you may not have seen it combined into a wound healing product like this before. If you have an infected wound that is draining heavily, this may be just the product you need. This dressing combines a highly absorbent calcium alginate dressing with a slow-release Leptospermum honey that combines into a non-traumatic gel with an extended wear time. (Derma Sciences, Inc.)

Adaptic Digit

Tired of sloppy finger dressings that don’t stay in place? Adaptic digit is a tubular bandage with a silicone layer to prevent the dressing from adhering to the wound. Specially designed to dress difficult-to-dress digits, it is easy to apply and decreases the pain of dressing changes due to its non-stick properties. (Systagenix)

Woundcheck Protease Status

This is a test that can be read visually to assess the neutrophil-derived inflammatory protease activity from a swab taken of wound fluid from chronic wounds. Chronic wounds with elevated protease activity are less likely to heal and often benefit from protease-modulating therapy. It can be used on wounds that have stalled or that fail to respond to traditional therapy. (Systagenix)


This wound healing product is a disposable single-use pad that helps you to assess a wound and removes and binds the wound’s debris, slough, necrotic material and exudate, without disturbing granulation tissue. It can be used to replace autolytic debridement. It aids visual assessment of the wound bed and requires little to no training to use. (Activa Healthcare)

Hosiery Sizer App

Ensuring the proper fit of compression stockings is crucial to patient adherence. This app allows you to enter data regarding your patient and makes it simple to choose the correct size of hosiery. It acts as a measuring tool, saving you the trouble of having to worry about carrying tools with you. The app is designed to help you decide which of Activa’s products to choose for your patient. The company is UK-based and can’t be used for other company’s hosiery. The reason I included it here is that similar apps for US-based companies will likely be developed soon, so keep an eye out for them! (Activa Healthcare)

These are just a few of the thousands of wound healing products on the market. Even though some may not be available to you where you work, fierce competition in the marketing of new wound healing products means that a similar product (with a different name) will likely be introduced into the product line of one of your favorite companies.

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  1. Thank you Laurie for all your help. I am trying to decide what course to take. I live in Kamloops, British Columbia so likely will get involved with something from Canada. Can you please respond-are your courses recognized in Canada??
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  2. Hi,
    i am working for a Wound Care Company currently.
    i am Pharmacist by qualification and after working for almost a year now for this company, i have learnt much about wound and i am eager to take this forward with the objective:
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  3. I put medihoney on my husband pressure ulcer and it opened it up ,now what do I do .? Should I quit using medihoney or keep using it. I need help. Thanks ,Pam.

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