Until You Pass Guarantee on All Wound Care Courses

When it comes to getting wound care certified, you have nothing to lose! Every one of our wound care certification courses comes with our highly acclaimed Until You Pass Guarantee.

Confidence in Our Wound Care Education

Our courses can be used to prepare for the WCC, CWS, CWCN, CWSP, or CWCA certification exam. We don’t just want to sell you a course – we believe in our courses. Each of our courses has been rigorously examined for accreditation. This means you will receive a wound care education that meets and exceeds current wound care educations standards and practices. In addition to us passing along all the necessary wound care management knowledge you will need, we feel confident enough in our courses to back them with an Until You Pass guarantee.

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What is the Until You Pass Guarantee?

Wound Care RIsk Free Guarantee

Not only do our online wound care courses provide the maximum number of CE hours per dollar spent, but we also prove that with our courses, you CAN pass your wound care certification exam! Our wound care certification courses for nurses and healthcare professionals have the practical info needed to the obtain wound care certification. Everything included in our certification course – the course e-textbook(s), wound care videos, quizzes, wound management lessons, and study guides – will give you the confidence and knowledge reinforcement needed to pass the certification exam of your choice.

Minimal Time Commitment

Our online wound care certification classes take approximately 50-60 hours to complete. The actual completion time varies based on current licensure and expertise. The courses are open 24/7 for six months of online access. Most nurses aim to complete about ten hours per month- that’s just a commitment of 2.5 hours a week to finish the course.

If you can fit 2.5 hours a week into your schedule, you can become wound care certified.

The textbook, study guides, and wound care products are yours to keep. If you do need more than six months to take the course or want longer access to study for your initial certification, we do offer affordable wound care course extensions.

What Happens if You Fail the Wound Care Exam?

until you pass guarantee wound care courses for nurses

In the rare event that you fail the wound care certification exam, simply send in proof of your wound care certification exam results, and we will reopen your course free of charge! We will then re-enroll you into the course until you pass – hence the Until You Pass guarantee! Your extended course access after failure to pass the initial certification exam is good for up to 3 years from your original course purchase.

We are certain that our wound care courses for nurses and healthcare professionals can help you become wound care certified. We would love the chance to prove our Until You Pass guarantee to you- browse our courses or contact to get started. We can also help clarify which wound care certification is right for you.


    1. Mary,
      For the most part. salary is based on the geographical location of employment and facility salary benchmarks, so giving an exact number is impossible. For a better guide, I would check with your current employer. Certification will improve your ability to get better jobs or shifts at your current facility. Becoming an expert with wounds will allow you opening to more job opportunities and allow you to demand higher pay. Our LPN course can be found here – https://woundeducators.com/wound-care-certification-courses/lpn/

    1. Bliss,

      For the most part. salary is based on the geographical location of employment and facility salary benchmarks, so giving an exact number is impossible. Certification will improve ability to get better jobs, and becoming an expert with wounds will allow more job opportunities / allow you to demand higher pay. To view our full list of courses visit https://woundeducators.com/wound-care-certification-courses/.

    Consultant diabetic foot practitioner want to do the courses with proper practical training in CANADA. Please guide me.

  2. I live in England and interested in the wound care course. Is it offered abroad, if so how would it be delivered and what is the cost in sterling. Please send all relevant details.
    Kind regards

  3. A question,,, I’m a South African professional nurse,,,if I pass your Wound Course,,,will it be recognized by our South African Nursing Council?

    1. Valerie,

      We recommend the RN course – https://woundeducators.com/wound-care-certification-courses/rn/ this course will provide you with 50 CE hours and everything you need education-wise to pass the wound care certification of your choice. There are other requirements, like clinical hours, that also need to be satisfied. The wound care certification exam is a separate cost that you must take in-person. Our explanation of the full cost to become certified can be found here – https://woundeducators.com/wound-care-certification-cost/

  4. Is this course offered to just LVN And RN only? If not, is it ok if your just a care taker and want to become a wound care nurse? Thank You for your time, hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Rebekah – We have courses for all healthcare professionals! Are you a CNA or MA by chance? We have a wound care course for each.



      If you aren’t, and are just interested in discovering more about wound care, you can take our beginner’s intro course here – https://woundeducators.com/wound-care-certification-courses/certificate/

  5. I am currently enrolled and scheduled to take the exam. however. I am concerned that some of the material in the books and online tests are not UP TO DATE. i say this because for example. wound care dressing categories I read there are 7 and I have learned there are 9 and 3 are different than the current listing. Help im a little concerned that the material is not accurate for me to take the exam

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