Wound Care Certification for Physicians

The national average salary Wound Care Physician in the United States is $190,930 [1]. Specialty trained physicians have the advantage of having distinct job security due to the number of Americans suffering from chronic wounds.

Surgeries Are More Common Than You Think

wound care certification for physiciansAnother important factor to consider in the overall scope and importance is the number of surgeries that take place in the US annually – over 1.2 million [2].  Most people may not be aware, but one of the most common surgeries performed in the US is wound debridement. In addition to the high surgical need for wound debridement procedures, uninsured hospital stays for skin and subcutaneous tissue infections have increased by 107%  [3].

Diabetic Wounds

The number of Americans living with diabetes is currently at 30.3 million [4]. As the number of people living with diabetes increases, so does the importance of diabetic wound care specialists. Diabetic ulcers are a prominent cause of hospitalization. Diabetics are also at a higher risk for cuts and bruises that may not heal.

Providing the Best Outcome

Wound care certified physicians can provide the best possible outcome for both new wounds and chronic wounds. Physicians who become wound care certified can prove their advanced knowledge of wound symptoms and diagnosis, wound dressings, and necessary patient lifestyle adaptation. Wound care specialists can also identify the risk factors for developing certain kinds of wounds, which may be avoided with proper prevention methods.wound care physician

 Patient Benefits

Wound care certified doctors have a thorough knowledge of antibiotics that help infection or prevent infection. Patients will benefit from seeking a wound care certified physician due to the physician’s knowledge of preventing complications. Wound care certified physicians are also an integral part of preserving organ, nerve, and skin functions.

Hospital Benefits

Hospitals have a huge benefit from hiring wound care certified physicians. Wound care certified physicians will help keep hospitalization costs down by shortening recovery times and improving full recovery chances. Having a wound care certified staff further increases facility reputation and success. A wound care certified physician can also train other staff members on current and effective wound management.

Practitioner Benefits

As we mentioned earlier, physicians who become wound care certified to prove their dedication to the field and are a valuable asset to any hospital or practice. While the average salary is $190,000 for a wound care specialist, many practitioners make much more than average. According to Forbes, “specialists still far out-produced their primary care counterparts in terms of guarantees offered- by an average of over $150,000.”

Wound Care Certification for Physicians

What is the best wound care certification for Physicians? The CWSP, Certified Wound Care Specialist, is the highest accredited wound care certification available for Doctors. Only current actively licensed MDs, DOs, and DPMs are eligible to obtain the CWSP certification.  Another requirement for CWSP certification is three or more years of clinical wound care experience.

No Experience? No Problem

WoundEducators.com offers online courses for wound care certification for Physicians. Even if a physician has not completed their three years’ of required wound care experience, they still qualify to take the course. Once completed, our wound care certification for Physicians course satisfies 60 CE hours.

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