Wound Care Certification for RNs

There is an increasing need for RNs and Wound Care Certified RNs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 2.7 million registered nurses who are actively employed. Approximately 60 percent of those RNs work in hospitals.

The Impact of Wound Care Knowledge

When someone has a serious wound, they often go to a hospital to get immediate care. The amount of wound care education a hospital RN possesses can significantly impact the efficacy of wound treatment. Our Wound Care Certification for RNs course provides registered nurses more knowledge to treat wounds properly and ensure their patients receive the best care.

wound care certification for RNsWound Care Certification for RNs

Have you decided that becoming wound care certified is important, but you don’t know where to start? WoundEducators.com will give an RN all the tools needed for national wound care certification. Interactive wound care training modules, wound management e-textbook(s), study guides, online wound care flashcards, and course videos are all included in the RN wound care course.

Take Your RN Career to the Next Level

Making the effort to become wound care certified will equip you with knowledge in wound care best practices, wound management, and wound care products. Because the majority of RNs work in a hospital setting, becoming wound care certified can easily advance your position and rank.

CWS Certification for RNs

If you are an RN looking to become CWS certified, completing the wound care coursework will prepare you to take the certification exam. Our RN Wound Care Certification course surpasses the education requirements needed to sit for the exam. In addition to an education requirement, RNs must also have 3-years practical experience to become fully certified. The American Board of Wound Management describes three years of clinical experience as:

“Three years of wound care experience can be acquired over the course of your career. It does not necessarily have to be a consecutive three years. Wound care does not have to be your primary responsibility during that time, as long as you can demonstrate you have had roles related to wound care throughout your career.”

If you are an RN and are not sure if you are eligible, you can email WoundEducators for more information on different certification paths or course specifics at [email protected]

Additional RN Wound Care Course Offerings

Not only does our wound care course provide you with the necessary CWS education, but it also provides you with 50 Continuing Education credit hours. The Wound Care Certification for RNs course is also ANCC approved.

If you are interested in becoming WCC Certified, WoundEducators.com will provide any RN access to 10 additional CE hours free of charge. This comprises the 60 CE hours that they require as a prerequisite to sit for the WCC Certification exam. (It is important to note that the WCC is not an accredited certification at this time, so we recommend the accredited CWS certification).

Any healthcare professional looking to advance their career with either the CWS Certification or the WCC Certification should begin with our wound care education courses. You can purchase the RN Wound Care Certification course here.


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