Additional Wound Certification Options

whats included in wound care certification courses

Wound management today is truly a multidisciplinary concern. Entire teams are now involved in the management of wounded patients, bringing their own expertise and experience to the holistic management of patients. Even professionals who do not come into daily contact with patients are expected to know and understand in greater depth the current issues in wound care.

To address the learning needs of the wider world of professionals working in the healthcare environment, also provides many additional wound certification options and training opportunities for the following:

Online Wound Care Education Courses & Programs offers wound care certification courses for many medical/ health care professionals. As wounds are increasingly managed in a holistic way, a wider range of health and social care professions have an important role to play in the management patients.

If you are an LPN, CNA, MA, LVN, RN, BSN, NP, PT, OT, Physician, or Physician Assistant, we can help you achieve wound care certification. has a specific wound care education course tailored to your needs. We pride ourselves in providing you the wound care knowledge you will need in practice. Find the wound education course you need here. 

Corporate Wound Care Training

It’s a cliché that an organization is only as good as its staff. However, like many clichés, this happens to be true. To ensure that your organization projects itself in a positive way, it is important that everyone in it understands what the organization is trying to achieve and the impact this can have on patients’ lives. By providing staff with this level of knowledge, they become empowered to deliver a first-rate​ level of service.  Please contact us for details about corporate wound care training.

Group Discounts on Wound Care Courses

We are able to offer a wound care education discount for groups of individuals wishing to train with us. Please contact us for details of group discounts.


  1. Hi Deborah

    I’m interested in the program that will certify me as a IIWCC (wound advisor certificate)

    Can you tell me if you offer this? And if not lead me in the right direction! Always wanted to be certified!

    Please advise me… thank you kindly Cinzia

    1. Hi Cinzia, our courses are 100% online and will prepare you for the WCC, CWS, CWCA, CWSP, CWCN, or AWCC wound certification. We recommend pursuing an accredited, board-certified wound certification. Our courses will prepare you for any of the mentioned wound certifications. Some wound certifications also allow international testing if you are located in another country.
      Best of luck! Online Wound Care Certification Courses

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