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wound care classes

We know you have lots of options when selecting wound care education classes, so we thought we’d give you our top ten reasons for selecting as your wound care education and training partner:

  1. We’re committed to your career success.
    We provide you with all the tools you need to achieve wound care certification, to help you advance in your career, boost your earning potential, and earn respect within the wound care industry.
  2. We offer affordable wound care classes.
    In these tight economic times, we recognize the importance of value in wound care education. Priced at less than $1,000, our online interactive courses are a fraction of the cost of traditional seminar programs, making them an economical investment in your career development.
  3. We are convenient.
    Why spend valuable time driving across town and following someone else’s schedule? With, you can access your wound care classes whenever you’d like—24 hours a day, 7 days a week—from any computer with Internet access. Attend school at a café, an airport, or in your pajamas from the comfort of home!
  4. We guarantee the effectiveness of our wound care education.
    At, we’ve created a highly effective set of unique, interactive teaching tools for optimum learning and retention. Review the program as often as needed to master every detail.  We’re so confident in our courses that we offer a Risk-Free Guarantee—you’ll have full access to our program until you pass the certification exam!
  5. We make learning about wound care fun.
    We based our program on the belief that the most enjoyable learning is also the most effective. By giving you full control over the pace, timing, and topics of your courses, makes the learning experience much more enjoyable and satisfying.
  6. We cover a broad range in our wound care classes.
    Wound care is a sweeping and multidisciplinary field, involving members from all health care sectors. The scope of our wound care classes encompasses everyone in the industry, from doctors and nurses to therapists and nutritionists. To create our course content, we leveraged the expertise of some of the world’s most respected and diverse practitioners, authors, and researchers.
  7. Our wound care classes cater to your needs.
    One of the main advantages of our program is its customizable format. Whether you’re new to wound care, or already certified and in need of a review, you can choose a wound care course designed for your current need. We make it easy to choose the type of educational activity best suited to your situation and requirements.
  8. We are current.
    At, you’ll always have access to the most current industry information, keeping you abreast of frequently changing requirements and developments. We continually update our programs to accommodate new research and products regarding wound care education, and immediately pass along new information through our blog and newsletter.
  9. We never stop teaching.
    The end of your wound care education course is not the end of the learning process. We offer a variety of continuing education courses to help keep your skills sharply honed and meet your CE requirements to maintain your wound care certification. You’ll also have access to our blog and newsletter, designed to keep you up to date on news and developments in the wound care industry.
  10. We are listening.
    Have a special request, a suggestion, or even a complaint? We’re always open to feedback and input from members of the wound care community. The best ideas come from you. Contact us!


  1. There is no wound care education program for Orthotist…..Orthotist also manage diabetic foot and wound care too…thanks

  2. I am been an LVN for seven years and would like to become wound certified. can you tell me what courses you recommend and are they accredited in California? Also, what are my options for the different tests available for me?


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