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Born out of our passion for wound care education, we were the very first wound care education company to create online wound care certification courses to prep individuals preparing for wound care certification. We want everyone to have the opportunity to obtain an accredited certification in wound care worldwide, and we strive to make that process as easy as possible.
Three years of experience in wound care allows you be eligible for wound care certification. These three years do not have to be consecutive, so if you’ve recently returned to wound care after taking a career change but have previous experience, you may be eligible! The certification tests are rigorous, but getting an accredited wound care certification will enhance your personal and professional growth.


Another part of our mission is to make our wound care certification courses affordable for everyone who wants to further their studies in this field. We are up to 3 times more affordable than our competitors, and we will continue to be- out of integrity for wound care education. Feel free to compare us to our competition!

24/7 Wound Care Certification Courses

Continue your studies at a time that’s convenient for you. That’s why we offer online wound care certification courses 24/7, which allow you to study at any location or pace. We provide the most comfortable learning environment while providing over double the Continuing Education hours for 1/3 of the cost of most of our competitors! To learn more about the importance of choosing the right wound care certification, download our whitepaper on the Importance of Choosing an Accredited Wound Care Certification.

Interactive Learning

Are you a more visual learner? We offer graphs and wound care videos to help you along the way. Do you prefer learning in more interactive ways, such as online quizzes? We offer all of the above! You can tailor the wound care certification program to match how you learn best. provides a variety of wound care resources to registered students. We have 17 online learning modules with quizzes at the end of each module to test your comprehension and retention.

In addition to the online training, you will also benefit from a comprehensive wound management training kit delivered straight to your home or place of work. This kit contains current text books prepared by leading experts in the field and an interactive CD containing essential wound care information, as well as a course outline and study guide. Also, you will receive sample wound products and a product resource guide with information about hundreds of wound products on the market. The wound management training kit is provided to supplement and reinforce your online learning, help you prepare for the wound care certification exam, and provide you with valuable tools for future reference.

Risk-Free Guarantee

What happens if you don’t pass your wound care certification? Don’t give up. will continue offering you training until you pass. We call this our Risk Free Guarantee. We believe in our teaching methods and will allow access to our materials and training until you pass. Accredited continuing education providers approve every single one of our courses.

What happens if you pass the wound care certification? You’ll be ready to take your career to the next level. We have a wound care job portal on our website that can serve as part of your job search!

Access to our wound care resource area is free of charge to all users!

Corporate Training

Let us train your entire staff for any level of wound care accreditation that they might need. We offer continuing education, training and accredited wound certification courses for medical institutions. After we are finished with your staff, they will be set up for success when walking into their exam.
We encourage you to look at all of the benefits of choosing us for your wound care certification exam education. will offer you the most affordable, flexible online wound care certification courses available.


  1. Please send me more details of the Wound Care Certification Course especially on how long th education/classes will take.

  2. I am retired RN in good health would like to return to work. I have 17 years of nursing experience mostly in ICU also in MedSurg and in LTAC. I am interested in learning wound care spec. the new ways of doing it. Please let me know if I can apply for your course. Thanks, Eva K Martin RN.

    1. The American Board of Wound Management describes three years of clinical experience as: 
      “Three years of wound care experience can be acquired over the course of your career. It does not necessarily have to be a consecutive three years. Wound care does not have to be your primary responsibility during that time, as long as you can demonstrate you have had roles related to wound care throughout your career.” 
      For detailed information visit our wound care certification courses page, or contact us directly.

      The following presentation provides a brief overview of our program:

    1. Hi Latoya,

      Thank you for your interest in Thank you for your interest in We do offer a payment plan, however, you will need to call if you wish to enroll in the payment plan. You can reach enrollment at 800-637-5526
      For the basic course, the payment plan is $397 down, $200 in 30 days and $200 in 60 days.

      For more information view our wound care certification courses.

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