Online Wound Care Training Courses

Whether you are aiming for wound care certification or just want to learn more about wound care, our online wound care training courses can help you advance your skills – all on your own time! Aside from becoming certified, many healthcare professionals use our online wound care training courses to brush up on their skills, learn new wound care technologies, and to get their necessary CE hours. Our wound care courses are highly rated by LPNs, LVNs, CNAs, MAs, MDs, PAs, PTs, OTs, RNs, BSNs, and medical sales professionals.

Enjoy 24/7 support, course access from any device, and courses tailored to your current skill level when you choose Our courses are the most affordable way to get your wound care training, averaging a third of the cost of other classes.

Multiple Methods for Success

We use multiple online training methods including audio, video, text, written outlines, flashcards, and physical wound dressing products to reinforce knowledge. We are wound care nurses and professionals too, so we update our courses often to stay relevant with current wound care practices and rely heavily on evidence-based studies to provide you online wound care training courses that you can use in real life.

Online Wound Course Training Topics

If your career needs include learning more about ulcers, we’ve got you covered. Each one of our online courses goes in-depth with ulcers – one of the most common chronic wounds. We cover the different types of ulcers and how to identify them, including diabetic ulcers, lower extremity ulcers, venous insufficiency ulcers, and pressure ulcers. Don’t put your career on hold; advance it simultaneously! Because our courses can be accessed from any device, you don’t have to carve out a ton of spare time to learn.

In addition to ulcers, you will also learn about basic skin layers and functions, biolfilms, antibiotic-resistant organisms, edema, skin tears, wound assessment, wound bed prep, and wound management techniques, including debridement.

Debridement is the most popular wound management technique covered in our online wound care training programs. We go in-depth with the most up-to-date practices of mechanical debridement, surgical debridement biological debridement, enzymatic debridement, and autolytic debridement and what conditions each debridement method is suited for.

The Difference Between Infection and Inflammation

An important aspect in wound care is preventing or treating infections. Our online wound care training courses make it easy to point out the signs of infection, how to mitigate wound infection, and how to tell the difference between infection and inflammation.  We believe our students can be the #1 factor in reducing the national burden of chronic and re-infected wounds.

Easy to Understand & Apply

You can use our wound care training courses to learn more about wound care, gain CE hours, and to better assist your patients. We ensure that all important wound care topics are covered at an in-depth level in every one of our courses. We approach wound care learning with an easy to understand, practical application that will be valuable for years to come.

Certify Now or Later

Alternately, you can choose to use our online wound care training course to pursue certification. If you decide now or later to become wound care certified, we can help advise you on which accredited wound care certification would be right for your journey.


    1. Diane,

      Thanks for contacting! Our accredited courses are all linked within this blog and they range from $797-$897 and provide up to 60 CE hours.

      We also have an intro course that can be used to learn more about wound care; this course is $297. If you are trying to pursue certification, you should choose one of the full $797-$897 courses, as those are the ones that are accepted and accredited.

  1. I am very grateful for this information, I am a Jamaican Assistant Nurse, living and working in Jamaica and not sure if this course would be approved by the Nursing Council of Jamaica. So not sure after completing the course how I would be able to apply this knowledge to my daily work.

    1. Horetta,

      Thanks for contacting! You can definitely take our course to learn more about wound care, but I would check with the Nursing Council of Jamaica to see what CE hours and accreditation is possible in your area.

  2. Wounds have always interested me. I am a retired hospice RN and I would love to take your course, but the cost is prohibitive for me. Do you offer any “scholarships” ?

    1. Lilian,

      If efforts to offer you the most cost-effective learning, our courses are 100% online. Every course comes with a wound care textbook that is yours to keep to help reinforce training. As healthcare professionals are often busy and have varying work hours, we’ve found the best fit for most is online learning. If we do branch out to hands-on settings, we will definitely let you know!

  3. Hi

    Im a physiotherapist from India and wanted to Persue the course.

    IV few questions
    1..after completion of the course and securing 70% in the exam…….I will be termed a a Wound Care Specialist.

    2..does this fees includes the exam fees a accomplishing this course ,can I become the educator in the same to educate others about the course.
    4…If I presume the online training, will I be certified and can practice Wound Management back down here or I’v to give an exam

    5..What is the eligibility criteria——im a MPT in Cardio-pulmonary working in a tertiary setup since 2011so can you suggest me what option share I opt

    Looking for your kind response


    1. Hi Veenu,

      After taking our course, you must take the independent wound care certification exam of your choice to become fully certified. No accredited wound care certifications allow you to take the exam online, it must be done in-person. Many of the current certifications require at least three years of cumulative wound care experience. Certifications available include the CWS, CWSP, CWCA, CWCN, and the WCC. Which certification were you trying to specifically pursue? You would have to check and see if the exam is offered in your area, once you do decide on a path to certification.

      We do offer group discounts on courses, if you would like to get a class together. ou can use this form: to inquire about group rates!

  4. hello,
    I am a foreign trained physical therapist, licensed in my country of education.
    Can i study only wound debridement?
    I want to fulfill the content required by FCCPT on the coursework tool 6 introduced by FSBPT.
    If yes, how many credits will it award after completion?

    1. You can certainly take our courses from your country. We have many international students take our course and achieve wound care certification. You will have 6-month access to the online course.

      The physical therapist course provides in-depth instruction on wound debridement, in addition to 57 Continuing education hours. You will need to check with FCCPT to see if they will accept these hours towards your requirement.
      There are no eligibility requirements to take our course. To sit for the certification exam, you will need to show three years of clinical experience. The ABWM defines three years of clinical experience as follows:

      “Three years of wound care experience can be acquired over the course of your career. It does not necessarily have to be a consecutive three years. Wound care does not have to be your primary responsibility during that time, as long as you can demonstrate you have had roles related to wound care throughout your career.”

      Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

  5. Hi, I’m Dr Dhilshan Thahir from Sri Lanka interested in Wound care. If you have any corses for that please let me know.
    Thank you

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