Wound Care Education for LPNs

wound care education for lpns salary

There are a number of factors that go into determining an LPN’s salary, including experience, location, and setting. Aside from these three, one of the most influential salary factors to consider is the additional certifications an LPN has. While there are over 20 different certifications that LPNs can add to their resume, one of the most important is the wound care certification, denoted by the CWCA title. Becoming wound care certified is a small initial investment that will pay off long-term:

“The highest earners among WOC nurses were in an industry setting, earning a mean annual salary of $80,000, with the top 25 percent earning $95,000. “

– GraduateNursingEdu.org

Continuing Education for LPNs

Most careers require continuing education in order to advance – the LPN career is no different. With WoundEducators.com, one can obtain the Wound Care Certification for LPN course materials for just $797. This will provide 50 continuing education hours and the education required to pass the national board certification in wound care management. Focusing continuing education on wound care will allow you to simultaneously earn continuing education credit hours AND prepare for the wound care certification exam.  (Note: Anyone can take our accredited LPN Wound Care Education course, but you must also have the necessary clinical experience to gain the full certification title. For questions about wound care experience requirements, email us at [email protected])

Providing the Best Wound Care Education for LPNs

WoundEducators.com has used years of experience and feedback to provide the best Wound Care Education for LPNs. Our course includes:

Online Wound Care Training

17 interactive wound care education modules that cover all aspects of wound care management. This online training module includes wound care quizzes, videos, charts, current wound journals, and study guides to help strengthen wound care expertise.

Wound Care Education for LPNs Certification Study Aide

Virtual flashcards, study guides, and test-taking strategies to help prepare for the national wound care management test

“Until You Pass” Course Access

WoundEducators.com will give you access to your course materials after course completion until you pass your exam.

Continuing Education Certificate for 50 hours

Upon completion of our LPN Wound Care Education course, we will provide a certificate for 50 CE credit hours.

6 months of Wound Care Education for LPN course access

WoundEducators.com understands busy schedules. We provide six months of course access so you can go at your own pace and learn on your own schedule, allowing you to continue working as an LPN.  

Years of Wound Care Education Development

Our Wound Care Education for LPNs course was created by certified and highly experienced wound care specialists. We update our courses regularly to make sure that the wound care education provided includes the most relevant technologies, products, and information available. We pride ourselves on giving LPNs the opportunity to advance their career, stand out from other job candidates, improve their prospects, and further their knowledge of wound care management. We have 24/7 customer support to help you with any questions or problems you encounter. Choose WoundEducators.com and begin your wound care management training here! 


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